Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

When can I start my entry referee course?

The online course is available immediately upon registration and payment.
If logged out, log back in to the member home page and follow the links to start the online course.


How long does it take to complete the course or how long do I have to complete the course?

Work at you own pace on your own time, but don’t take too long as there are games waiting to be refereed and assignors waiting to assign those games.


I just paid for a course but where do I start?

At the top of the Member Receipt if you are still on your computer screen, just below the FLSRC logo is a small button that says “Return to Member Home Page.” Once back on the Member Home Page, scroll down to the Clinics to reserve or that you have reserved section and find your courses.  For new members in the Grade 8 entry class, click online lesson to begin.


I previously signed up and paid and I am no longer on the Member Receipt page, how do I start?

Starting at the beginning on the FLSRC.ORG website, in the blue bar find “Register”, then click “Become a Referee”, scroll down to “Ready to begin?” and below “Start the Process. . .” is “Lost and need to log back in to get started?  Click here”


I took the new referee entry course and I have finished my modules and test, what’s next?

3 times during each month between July and December all course completions are exported from the registration system and sent to the United State Soccer Federation Referee Program office where a USSF ID number is assigned.  When the registration comes back with the assigned ID number, the information is sent to Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA).  FYSA is the designated Risk Management (RM background check) authority in the State of Florida.  Florida Statutes require a RM.  FYSA will notify each new referee of their RM responsibility.  Any cost for RM is between FYSA and the individual referee. Referees under the age of 18, only verify their age.

Local assignors also receive the new registration information and any game assignments are made through the local assignors.  FLSRC does not assign any games.  We only train, certify and re-certify annually.


I want to receive one of the free referee kits offered by FYSA, how do I do that?

The first 300 newly certified referees 16 years of age and under who are assigned a new USSF ID number during the 2018-2019 seasonal year will be on the list for a free 10 piece referee starter kit from Official Sports International (OSI).  This is made possible by a grant received from the Florida Youth Soccer Association. The kits should start arriving within the next few weeks for those who have already completed their entry course, their information has been sent to USSF to have their USSF ID number assigned.


When do I receive my referee badge?

2019 Referee badges will be issued when they are received in the FLSRC office from US Soccer and the badge will be mailed to the registration address previously provided.


When I complete the new referee course, do I have to attend a Field Training Event (FTE) - September 15th from 1:00 to 5:00pm at Lakewood Ranch Park?

Attendance at the field training events (FTE) are strongly encouraged for each new referee to attend.  Making the transition from the classroom (computer keyboard) to the field is why the FTE’s were created.  Specially trained instructors and administrators follow an approved curriculum to provide each new referee with the necessary skills and knowledge needed for their very first game.  Experienced referees also attend as a refresher to sharpen their skills for their upcoming seasons.