Payment Plans

  A $50.00 refundable volunteer fee is due at registration for each player registered.  After the completion of the required 4 hours of volunteer time, the fee will be refunded upon request.


BRSC offers the following payment plans for Competitive Players:

1. Pay in full : Cash/Check (In Office Only) , eCheck, Credit Card

2. Monthly for 4 months

3. Monthly for 6 months plus 25.00 Convenience fee

BRSC offers the following payment plans for Development Academy Players:

1. Pay in full : Cash/Check (In Office Only) , eCheck, Credit Card

2. Monthly for 5 months

3. Monthly for 7 months

PLAYER RELEASE:  Soccer is a team sport; a player makes a commitment to the team at initial registration, as well as to the affiliate for the seasonal year. Players will not be released unless approved by the Executive Board of Directors.  A request to be released must be made in writing and the player’s registration fees must be paid in full.

It is the Coach’s/Team Manager’s responsibility to collect and track player payments and forward amounts due to the BRSC Competitive Registrar. Failure to make the required payments will result in the following actions:

1. Player will receive notification that they are in default of their financial obligation to the Club. Player will have a reasonable time, not to exceed five days, to come into compliance.  If Player fails to come into compliance, Player’s eligibility will be revoked. The Competitive Vice President will hold the Player’s Card.

2. The player in question will not be permitted to engage in any BRSC activities effective the date of player notification. This will include but not be limited to all practice sessions, training sessions, sanctioned league games, scrimmages and club social events.

3. Player may be placed in a “not in good standing” status with FYSA.

4. The remaining player fee balance must be paid in full, as well as any reinstatement fees deemed appropriate, in order for the player to return to “good standing” with the Club and FYSA.