Parent Advisory Committee

Braden River Soccer Club
Parent Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Parent Advisory Committee is to be a conduit of information between the club, coaching staff, and parents of Braden River Rage players.  The Committee will be used to help communicate the philosophy and expectations of the club while also being an outlet for individual concerns from parents.

Reporting Structure:

The Parent Advisory Committee will have no authority on decisions regarding specific concerns or incidents between the club and parents.  Instead the Committee will report back to the President, or DOC regarding concerns brought to the attention of the Advisory Committee.  The expectation is during the investigation or resolution of the incident brought to the attention of the committee, that the committee is kept in full knowledge of what is being done along with a timeframe for resolution.  The committee will act as a conduit of information to make sure no issues fester or build in ill will against the team, coaches, or club.
Please keep a look out for Parent Advisory member at the fields.  They will be wearing a yellow shirt with the Braden River logo on front and the phrase “Ask Me” on back.  All members are their to assist with helping to answer questions and explain the proper avenue to express any concerns


Committee Organization:

The Parent Advisory Committee will be comprised of a total of 5 parents from different age groups across the club.  The Committee will have a chairperson, co-chairperson, and 3 members.  The Chairperson will be voted on by the board and have a term of 1 calendar year.  All positions on this committee are strictly on a volunteer basis.

Contact the Committee: