What is the U8 Academy Program?

Braden River Soccer Club’s U8 Academy Soccer Program is a collection of players that are placed within an group pool, as opposed to placing them on individual teams. There are no “A, B or C” teams in the Academy. As players stay in pools, they can be moved back and forth according to their progress and development throughout the season. The emphasis is on developing players and in a FUN environment! The U8 Academy is open to all players whose birth year is in 2010. The U8 Academy provides an opportunity to play games against other club’s U8 Academy teams.

The Goal is to Develop Players That:

        – Are Creative
        – Take Initiative
        – Express Individually
        – Think Independently
        – Understand Options
        – Solve Problems
        – “Own the Game”

The U8 Academy Program is a bridge between Recreation and the Competitive Travel Soccer Programs. It is designed for players that aspire to play at a higher level. The U8 Academy Program will foster the development of youth soccer by enhancing skills, mastering techniques and providing for a greater awareness and insight into the game.

Benefits of the U8 Academy Program:

        – Develops technical ability
        – Improves knowledge of the game
        – Provides a positive environment to learn
        – Teaches character and self confidence
        – Meet new players
        – Enjoyment
        – Players have their skills evaluated and will have a written record of their development and  what
           they need to work on.
        – By working with the pre-travel age players and parents, it will provide a link between the
           Recreational and Competitive Travel Programs.
        – Parents will become more knowledgeable about Braden River Soccer Club Competitive Travel
           Soccer Program for ages U9 and above.

Academy Player Evaluations:

Academy players will be evaluated on their technical skills (Juggling, Passing, Dribbling and Shooting).

The levels of play will be the following:

         Gold: Players rank highly in all 4 skills on the evaluation.

         Silver: Players rank highly in at least 3 of the skills on the evaluation.

         Bronze: Players rank highly in 1 or 2 skills on the evaluation.

Players will be evaluated prior to the upcoming Fall Season and at the end of the Spring Season.

The U8 Academy players upon graduation, will have the opportunity to tryout for our U9 Competitive Travel teams.

         G – Games

         R – Responsibility

         A – Attitude

         D – Development

         U – Understanding

         A – Assessment

         T – Technique

         E – Enjoyment


        – Team Training
        – Skills Training
        – Team Observations
        – Position Specific Training
        – Summer Camp
        – Small Sided Games including 3v3, 4v4 and Futsal (5v5)


Player development encompasses technical, tactical, physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of growth.  By far, the most important aspect of the youth sport environment is emotional development.  Participants must have fun and learn new skills and tactical insights in order to feel ownership in, and attachment to the game; and to develop the passion that will drive them to persevere and aspire to greater things.

U8 Academy Program Offers:

In an effort to improve the skill levels of younger players wishing to enter Competitive Travel Soccer Programs when they become eligible, Braden River Soccer Club provides our young soccer players the opportunity to join our U8 Academy Program. The U8 Academy Program is designed to complement our existing Recreational Soccer Programs.

The U8 Academy Program is open to all boys and girls with a 2010 birth year. It will teach a well defined set of age specific skills to all players involved, providing the link to small-sided travel programs which starts at the U9 age group. It will consist of 2 nights a week with a focus on individual skills development. In addition, some homework will be required in the form of individual drills and written materials. It will be distributed to players and parents, it’s designed to increase their knowledge of the game. It will be integral part of the Braden River Soccer Club commitment to player development.

If you have any questions please contact Derek Brown (Academy Director): soccerinfo@mail.com