Coach Nick Leduc is a legend. Coming off of a killer season with the 2010 Premier Boy’s Team that finished in the Top Ten in the State, he’s stepping up in a big way to take our club to the next level. In one of his first actions as the Youth Academy Director, he rolled out The 520 Club. What is it? Only the best, pre-practice, parent-saving, kid-loving soccer experience on the planet.

Starting at 5:20 PM, all Jr. Academy athletes from our competitive teams will get some added touches, run through dynamic warm-ups, and scrimmage in small-sided matches. The first session kicked off today with great success, where 24 dedicated athletes showed up, worked hard, and had a blast!

Don’t take our word for it, watch this:

“We wanted to up our service offering to our families and we do that with the 520 Club. Now parents can drop their athletes off early, the kids can get warmed up before practice, and added touches are always a benefit”, says Leduc.

Are you a current JR Academy Parent? Be sure to check out the sessions for FREE.

Not a BRSC athlete yet? Well, you can always reach out to us and get on our radar. Let’s do it!