Rec Coach’s Info

Coaching Information!

BRSC will be conducting Rec Coach's Clinics for the upcoming 2018 Spring Rec Season!
Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 from 6 to 7
Thursday, March 1, 2018 from 6 to 7
@ Lakewood Ranch Park (5490 Lakewood Ranch Blvd,
behind Lakewood Ranch High School)
You can come to one session or join us for both!

Coach: Is the most critical volunteer position. A coach can make or break a child's desire to continue playing. Make it fun for them! Each coach will receive access to weekly emailed age-appropriate practice plans through In addition to this link, take a look below for additional info. If you don't have an assistant coach, we encourage you to ask one of the parents on your team for assistance.

Guides for the Coach and Player:

BRSC Modified Rules - This document will help take the the pressure off of you and the referee. I recommend that you carry this document with you.

These guides offers many different practice activities for the Parent Coach:
US Soccer - Player Development Initiatives - This guide is a resource for parents, coaches and referees supporting the growth and improvement of grassroots soccer.
US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual - A great asset to the youth soccer coach.
US Youth Soccer Ball Skills Manual - Will help you and the player find the basics of all ball skills.
US Youth Soccer Player Development Model - Provides general information on coaching methods, training tools and the elements of a healthy soccer environment.
Why Small Sided Games? - Document explains why playing small sided games is important to player development.
Small Sided Games ManualThe goal of both US Youth Soccer and U. S. Soccer is to improve the youth soccer experience. The outcome of that enriched soccer upbringing will be more players staying in the game and an overall improved standard of play.
US Youth Soccer Session Plan Template - Blank Practice session plan, always fill this out when preparing to run your training session.
US Youth Soccer How to Write a Training Session Plan - Use this document when writing a practice session.
Tips for fun and Effective Soccer Practice - This document will help you keep the practice session moving
US Soccer Best Practices - A primary focus for the coach at the youth level, through the U-12 age group, is to provide an environment that comes close to simulating the “pickup” games of our youth. In this setting much of the creativity and personality of kids developed naturally, without the involvement of adults. Kids need to be allowed to play freely, develop their skills and use them in a creative manner.

Links to Obtain Training Session Plans and Coaching Information:

Youth Soccer 101 - You will receive information from the club.