April 26, 2023

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Hello Rage Families! Thank you for your continued support during this exciting time of cultural change for our Club. We’ve received these questions from several families, so we’d like to definitely answer them below.

1. QUESTION: “What if my kid doesn’t receive a registration link for either A or B team? Can he stay on the B team as a “Training Player?” ANSWER: The answer is YES. Players develop at different rates, so any training player can develop into a B team rostered player. The hope and vision are to have the training players be selected for the A team. This is ouur new game model at work!

2. QUESTION: “I appreciate the transparency and information regarding the upcoming year. My son, who currently plays on the A team received the early invite letter, but we passed because my daughter, who currently plays on the A team did not and I preferred to wait for try-outs. This will not negatively affect my son, correct?” ANSWER: No, it will not. All this means is that you are waiting to be selected at tryouts like anyone else coming from another club to BRSC.

3. QUESTION: “Can my son tryout for the age above?” ANSWER: Club policy is that all players tryout for their own ages unless approved by the club Directors. 

4. QUESTION: “What if my daughter didn’t receive a registration link?” ANSWER: The offer might not have been extended for a variety of reasons. The omission could be because of on field performance, training intensity, commitment or any number of other reasons. If an offer has not been extended to your child, they are still afforded the opportunity to tryout and prove their mettle on the field.

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This weekend our boys took the trophy for the Sarasota Cup on a heavily disputed final game going on to penalty kicks!! They prevailed as undefeated champions throughout this tournament.

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League winners undefeated, first time record breaking for BRSC - fun fact - The Originals - Gabriel Hodge and Andre Etcheverry - same team at BRSC since 11 years old and, joined by Matthew Iacobelli and Tony Garcia the next year

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Seniors on our BRSC 04/05B Elite played their last weekend of games!! We wish all our Senior Boys and Girls the very best as they step into the real world! BRSC Staff, Board and members would like to THANK YOU for all your years of commitment, support and dedication - Best Wishes!

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If there were season end awards I would nominate our team for most improved!! Under unfortunate circumstances with coaching changes several times this year our boys managed to pull off a 3rd place finish in their league and narrowly missed out on the Sarasota Cup final on goal differential this past weekend! Being to only team to beat the eventual cup champions along the way to boot!! Quite a feat!! Very proud of their team effort!!

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We had an epic end of season party at Livingston's!

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The boys reached the finals at the Sarasota Cup. They scored a total of 17 goals and only conceded 4. They didn’t bring the silverware but performed superbly.

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Celebrating the first goal at the Sarasota Cup Final on Sunday, the team went on to win 3-1. These boys have played together since Rec, age 4/5 and are going strong!

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09 Premier Girls took home the championship title at the Premier Showcase. This is the 5th tournament that this team has won this season!

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1st place champions. JT let only two goals within 4 games.