May 27, 2023

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More “RAGING” news, updates, and reminders!


An organization of professionally licensed coaches operating to improve the player development model, creating a learning environment where youth players can prepare to succeed in life in a club consistently competing at the National level providing pathways to college as well as professional opportunities. 


We have only just begun with the exciting cultural change and already the feedback is super positive regarding our RAGE newsletter! I know we are not perfect, but we strive for perfection in our focus of Professionalism!

We continue to add quality to our RAGE Family! The feel at the club has taken a wonderful turn for the better. The involvement by the current and new families has already been tremendous and this folk is what a Family is about! We all chip in and do our part to help!! We start this Thursday with another “cleaning out” day with your help. Thank you to those who have signed up for this. If you have yet to sign up we encourage you to please select any area you would love to help, submit and we will see you this Thursday 5/25 at the club house! 

You will hear, read, and hopefully already speak these words with PRIDE! “Our” and/or “My” Club. As your leader I love hearing kids and parents using these words! BRSC RAGE IS YOUR CLUB! This change needs to ‘bleed’ BRSC in your veins! Talking to friends, family and even strangers about “Your” club should be a sense of pride! To do anything for! Find solutions for..! To protect, defend and support through the good days and the bad days! I know we don’t have a locker room to sing  and chant our love and passion for ‘my’ club but using the words “ MY CLUB!” “OUR CLUB!” is a start in building an everlasting “Team Chemistry” and bond that opponents fear! We have changed, we will continue to change and very importantly we continue to be the largest and ONLY club with the top level of play – The ECNL-RL! 

Players will be expected to shake hands with one another (across the club) and with all BRSC coaching staff as they enter ‘their’ grounds. Building confidence to introduce oneself is a key quality to have, getting our kids ready for the real world!! They need to have eye contact when introducing themselves and share what team they play on and who their coach is. The coaching staff will engage! As a RAGE ‘family’ we need to know all our members! I encourage parents to please do the same thing and help lead your kids through this kind of shy moment of engagement.  

Getting to know one another will ease the notion of “I don’t know those players” will make our new player movement model process one to play for and more exciting!


We would like to help support a local USL2 Soccer club in the SARASOTA PARADISE this summer! Use this code: BRSC2023 at checkout and help the club earn 15% back on the purchase of your season tickets!

A second reason to come out and support your SARASOTA PARADISE is because we have two of our very own RAGE Coaches involved! JAMIE HUTCHISON is on their coaching staff and FELIPE ROJAS is a player!



  • Registration process – you would have received a registration link for either the Elite (ECNL-RL), Premier and/or Select team by now. Any questions to please get with our clubs Executive Administrator – Gemma Gallaway (
  • Roster? – I don’t see my team/roster, how do I get that? The club is still busy building the new team accounts in SPOND. This is a timely process! As rosters get finalized, you will be able to log into your team through the SPOND App. All updates, reminders, schedules etc will come through SPOND! Any questions to please let us know. I will say that it will take a little getting used to. Please be patient and as always, if you have any questions to please not hesitate to ask the office for help! We are working to make everything more professional, transparent and frustration free! 
  • SUMMER CAMPS – a new and revitalized focus on our camps!! An added focus on improving the development of players in our Manatee Community and surrounding areas. There are already many limiting factors and one huge stand out is that kids do not play the game enough! They just don’t. Today’s day and age we as parents are constantly worried about ‘seeing’ our kids because of the missing children alerts that we restrict more than ever the ‘outside’ play. Totally understandable and for this alone our RAGE Camps are a very safe, healthy and fun environment for your kids to play, enjoy and develop under our Professional guidance while you are able to work, shop or run regular errands knowing your kid/s are safe!
  • ECNL-RL Championships – 2010G, 2009G and 2008G travel to Greensboro and Browns Summit, NC June 16-18. Teams that advance head to Richmond, VA to play in the ECNL Regional FINALS July 14-17th. 
  • Our 2008B head to the ECNL-RL Championship FINALS in Norco, CA July 14-17th, 2023.

These teams will continue to train in preparation for the ECNL CHAMPIONSHIP. We wish them all the very best! All other teams have or are winding down with training. This week will be the last of the season for full time training. Coaches will have the ability to train randomly to keep you together. These may be at the beach, our fields or community parks etc.


Some of you already have the link in SPOND, and can go ahead and order the new training gear! We are rolling this out team by team, so check SPOND for more info. Our new training colors will be: GREY shirt, BLACK shorts and BLACK socks. Shin pads - a mandatory and minimum standard to be worn during every practice. For the new players that must order the game gear, you will be issued a series of available numbers. For example, A & B team will likely have a number range 0-36 so in the event there is player movement one way or another we can avoid number conflicts. 


we will have more options to help teams raise money for their team accounts. We will keep you posted!


Thank you to our current and new team managers for your continued commitment! We do need you to please get your Background checks and SafeSport Certification completed. Please log into your family GotSoccer accounts to complete the tabs. If you have questions to please come into the office and get in touch with Gemma.



Mark your calendars Folks! We are excited to announce our very own tournament this year! All of our teams will participate and support our very own RAGE event! All proceeds will go towards the running of your club. We will not only pay the operating costs but also raise money for scholarship funds! Helping those who cannot afford to play and give them the opportunity to play! More information to come, stay tuned!

Your RAGE Leadership has identified tournaments specific to each age and stage. These tournaments will be presented to you at your respective team meetings. It is mandatory to play at least two of the YELLOW highlighted tournaments in the fall and two for the spring. The others are there for added options per team. Apologies for any confusion with the tournament list. 


As part of our culture change, here are our age-based goals:


  • Play to have FUN! 
  • Shared playing time is a must. 
  • Positional rotation strongly encouraged. 
  • Learning to enjoy in a safe and fun environment is key! 
  • Winning IS NOT the focus! 


-      Prepare to play within our RAGE Player Development Model in mind. 

-      Winning is not the be all and end all but applying your development toward ‘winning’ is important. 

-      You will lose while at it! This is part of your development process – if you LEARN FROM YOUR LOSS you are DEVELOPING!


- Play to WIN! 

- Playing time is not guaranteed in tournaments! 

- Applying all four pillars (technical, physical, tactical and psychological) as a team, controlling what you can control and working hard will lead you in the right direction! 

- You don’t have to be the most talented as long as you are the HARDEST WORKING player/team, this is the RAGE WAY!!

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May 18th - July 17th



July 17-27th


2011-2005/06 (ELITE & PREMIER Boys and Girls)

July 28-30th


BRSC Pre-season tournament (u12-u19 Boys and Girls)

August 21st


2016-2012 (ACADEMY and PRE-ECRL Boys and Girls)

August 1st – December


November 24-26th

BRSC Tournament


December – Jan 7th



January 8th – April 30th


May 1st


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Our Club Vision

An organization of professionally licensed coaches operating to improve the player development model, creating a learning environment where youth players can prepare to succeed in life in a club consistently competing at the National level providing pathways to college as well as professional opportunities.

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Thank you as always for your trust, love and support in Braden River SC!


Neathan Gibson

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