Welcome Antonio Saviano – Executive Director Florida Premier FC SWFL

We Welcome Antonio Saviano as our new Executive Director!

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Antonio Saviano as the new Executive Director of Florida Premier Football Club SWFL. Under the new leadership and with a fresh vision, our club continues to be a nurturing ground for soccer enthusiasts, emphasizing player development, competitive excellence, and community involvement.

Antonio’s remarkable journey in the soccer world, marked by his innovative approaches to player and coach development, aligns perfectly with our club’s ethos. His extensive experience, from nurturing grassroots programs to forging international partnerships, heralds an exciting new chapter in our club’s history.

We eagerly look forward to Antonio’s leadership driving our club to new heights and fostering a deep love for the game within our community.

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Antonio Saviano Bio

Antonio Saviano is a highly skilled and accomplished sports executive with a proven track record of success in various leadership roles within the soccer industry. As the Technical Director for the LWR Chargers since 2019, Antonio has been instrumental in driving the growth and success of the club’s Recreation and Competitive programs. Under his guidance, the club has experienced a substantial increase in registrations, with the recreation program growing from 47 players to an impressive 550 players, and the competitive teams expanding from 5 to an impressive 42.

Prior to his role with the LWR Chargers, Antonio served as the General Manager for the Premier Sports Campus from 2013 to 2019. In this capacity, he spearheaded the sales efforts for the facility, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the 22 multi-purpose field complex. Antonio’s exceptional leadership skills ensured the successful scheduling of events, contract administration, contractor hiring activities, and procurement functions. He also managed the facility budget with a keen focus on maintaining profitability. Antonio’s strong partnerships with the Bradenton Area Sports Commission and Sarasota County Sports Commission resulted in attracting large sporting events to the area, including the prestigious Nike International Friendlies.

Before moving to Florida in 2013, Antonio was the Executive Director for the Hammerheads Youth SC (formerly Cape Fear Soccer Association) from 2006 to 2013 where he showcased his dynamic leadership abilities. He oversaw all aspects of the club’s day-to-day operations and managed an annual budget of $3.3 million. Antonio’s strategic planning and operational expertise were evident in successfully implementing long-term objectives for the club. He played a pivotal role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality on-field activities and programs to club members, while also managing finance, administrative operations, field and facility operations, volunteer resources, marketing, sponsorship, and community outreach programs.

Antonio Saviano grew up in the town of Pomigliano D’Arco in the province of Napoli, Italy. He started playing soccer at an early age and began playing organized soccer at the age of 8. By the time he was 16 years old, he had already signed a professional contract with Castel Cisterna, where he played as a goalkeeper.

In 1996, Antonio brought the Italian soccer experience to North America. Antonio was the first to introduce the “affiliate concept” to North America, working alongside a Serie A club to create a program that facilitated players and teams traveling to Italy, Italian coaches traveling to the US and Canada, and US and Canadian coaches traveling to Italy. Antonio’s role soon expanded to becoming the North American coordinator of the program, overseeing the affiliates programs and scouting new talent. He has served as the North America Director for many Italian professional soccer clubs, including AC Parma Scuola Calcio, Ascoli Soccer Academy and AC Perugia Scuola Calcio. Through this role, he has been instrumental in helping, leading, and developing coaching and player development programs for over 100 affiliated soccer schools across North America and Europe.

Known for his unparalleled vision for soccer talent and player development, Antonio has earned the admiration and praise of many. Gianni Borano, an Italian Professional Scout expert and youth soccer player development specialist, has described Antonio as a master in creating a vision for each individual player and bringing out their commitment and passion until they achieve their goals highlighting his coaching development ideas that are easy to understand and his ability to transmit his beliefs to players and coaches.

Antonio’s coaching philosophy revolves around the idea that young players must learn through fun and games. He believes that activities need to be progressive, starting at a fundamental level and gradually adding elements so that the students comprehend each addition. Without a clear understanding of what is expected of them, players cannot effectively participate or make informed decisions for themselves.

In addition to his coaching expertise, Antonio has also written several books on youth development and co-authored a book on the didactic progression for the development of technical-tactical fundamentals in soccer schools. He has also produced a training video to further support the development of players and coaches.

Antonio Saviano is not only an extraordinary coach but also a visionary in the world of soccer. His infectious knowledge, love, and passion for the game, along with his commitment to developing players and coaches, set him apart as one of the top-ranked coaches.

In addition to soccer, family is very important to Antonio. Antonio is happily married to Caitlin and together they have two children, Francesco and Matteo.  Both boys follow in their father’s footsteps with their love of soccer. Francesco (b. 2007) is currently playing for ASD Angelana 1930, while attending high school in Assisi, Italy.  Matteo (b. 2015) is currently playing youth academy.

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